Your eyebrows should be taken as seriously as your haircut. Properly groomed, eyebrows hold more power and visual impact on overall facial appearance than any other singular feature.

The proper eyebrow wax can give you a mini facelift. Amy understands that perfect balance is the key to flawlessly shaped eyebrows. Your eyebrows should have the correct definition and shape to your face.

A thorough consultation is done to assure you get the perfect eyebrow shape for you. Amy has a great attention to detail so you will be in great hands! Having great eyebrows is not only in the correct shape, but also in the ideal color.

Does your brow color properly suit your hair color and complexion? An absolute must for light blonde brows, those with freshly dyed hair, and greying brows.

Add depth and color to your lashes and achieve the look of wearing mascara without applying it daily with lash tinting. Eyelash tinting is great for anyone with light colored lashes as well as for those with a busy lifestyle.

A must have for vacation! Appointment time suggested is every 4 to 6 weeks.